We Can Dramatically Reduce

The Burden & Costs Associated with

Chronic Disease in Manitoba Children


The DEVOTION Network began in 2015 with funding from Research Manitoba and the Lawson Foundation.  DEVOTION is a multidisciplinary network of investigators, policy makers and provincial stakeholders integrated to advance translational research and the understanding of the developmental origins of health and chronic diseases in children.


The DEVOTION Network accelerates knowledge to action - within the area of maternal and child health - to promote wellness and prevent chronic disease (focusing on asthma, allergy, diabetes and obesity) for Manitobans.


The goals of the Network are to:


1. Generate impactful, translational DOHaD* knowledge relevant to target populations

2. Enhance the capacity for creation and use for DOHaD knowledge

3. Impact policy, practice and research through engagement and knowledge translation

*DOHaD stands for 'Developmental Origins of Health and Disease'



The DEVOTION Network consists of 30 scientists, policy makers and stakeholders with expertise ranging from cell-based science to early childhood education and community-based interventions.  The integration of four pillars of research spanning these diverse areas will facilitate rapid translation of scientific discoveries into policy and clinical decision making that will transform the maternal-child landscape in Manitoba.

- Dr. Jon McGavock

There is a growing body of evidence that chronic diseases have their roots early life and early interventions delivered within the first five years of life can have the greatest impact on a healthy childhood and disease-free adulthood.




The mission of the DEVOTION network is to dramatically reduce the burden and costs associated with non-communicable disease in Manitoba. A multidisciplinary network of four teams, advised by policy makers, stakeholders and patients collaboratively work to advance the understanding of the developmental origins of chronic disease.



The team, led by Drs. Andrew Halayko and Jon McGavock will merge researchers from the Biology of Breathing team (BOB); Diabetes Research Envisioned and Accomplished in Manitoba (DREAM) team, the Next Generation Sequencing platform among others at CHRIM to focus on the early life determinants of chronic diseases and develop novel strategies to overcome them.

Tackling chronic disease at its roots
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