Advisory Groups

Advisory groups associated with DEVOTION play an important role in providing

feedback about the present and direction for the future.


The iCARE Participant Advisory Group (PAG) was created in 2015. The iCARE PAG has become integral to the iCARE study. Made up of adolescents and caregivers living with type 2 diabetes, this advisory group has contributed to the methodology and data collection of the study by introducing the importance of collecting mental health data and how this information could be captured within the study. Identifying shame, isolation and stigma as barriers towards self-management, mental health has been recognized as an important priority within iCARE.


"The advisory group is really critical to ensure that mental health is a component throughout. They give us a lot of feedback about the measures that we use to help us decide which ones we should be using and what's appropriate.”

– Dr. Allison Dart, co-investigator for iCARE

Visit the iCARE PAG website!

The CHILD study is in the beginning phases of formalizing their advisory group, but they know that importance of building relationships is the key to success. Read about their approach here.

If you're interested in the CHILD study's advisory group, contact Rachel Keijzer.


In October 2016, First Nations people and allies who support First Nations self-determination in research and wellness came together to create a PATH (Planning Alternatives for Tomorrow's Hope). Each person brought person experience, leadership or professional roles in these areas:

  • Diabetes

  • Food/Nutrition

  • Early Childhood

  • Community Engagement

  • Art

  • Education

  • Policy

  • Funding

  • Research and Data

The partners who attended helped guide us in a larger study for Maternal Child Health and Wellness.

The intent of the PATH was set provincial priorities at the for Maternal Child Health and Wellness from a First Nations lens. 


Click here to view the full report.