The DEVOTION Legacy Hub

The DEVOTION Legacy Hub is an administrative hub dedicated to the Legacy projects. It is located in the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

The DEVOTION Legacy Hub ensures that Legacy projects receive the necessary support to move forward and meet milestones as well as ensure consistency among the Legacy projects.


Among other things, this will allow the legacy projects to be fully attributable to DEVOTION and will facilitate ease of reporting to funders and stakeholders.

Executive Director

coordination, oversight and facilitation of all legacy projects

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Project Coordinator

central coordination of logistics and specific research assistant functions for specific legacy projects, such as:
-study coordination including meeting coordination
-participant recruitment
-ethics submissions
-literature reviews
-assist with additional grant applications,
manuscript and report writing
-facilitate data linkages as appropriate

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Patient Engagment Coordinator

Provide all KT needs of all legacy projects, such as:
-Create KT platforms and tools to share information about the legacy projects through the appropriate mediums (i.e. website content, infographics, assistance in manuscript writing, blogs, op ed pieces etc)


Coordinate/assist with all PE activities of legacy projects, such as:
-Engage patients/families as appropriate
-Create information aimed at patients/families