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The Biology of Breathing (BoB) Theme began in March 2003 and was the first theme-based research group at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba. 

This theme consolidated a broad spectrum of local research strength in pediatric lung health and disease and includes: more than 15 principal investigators and collaborating investigators working in concert to carry out world-class research in pediatric pulmonary disorders.

This includes five core research facilities that provide capacity spanning molecular biology and lung physiology assessment; and offers an interactive, multi-disciplinary training program for basic and clinical trainees that is linked to nationally supported research training networks.
Biology of Breathing includes four research areas of broad and complementary scope:
  1. Asthma Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  2. Smooth Muscle Biology in Lung Health and Disease
  3. Novel Animal Models of Human Lung Disease
  4. Biology and Disease in the Developing Lung
For more information, visit:
or contact Dr. Andrew J. Halayko, Theme Leader